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This is a USDCAD short analysis, which is representing weekly forecast. See the chart 1.320-1.323 is strong resistance. Find some opportunity to short USDCAD. The current market price for the pair is around 1.31652 area and having a bullish move. The strong resistance is the signal for the pair to go short.

USDCAD Short Analysis

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  • Fundamental Analysis for USD/CAD: October 3, 2016

    The USD/CAD pair continued to trade within the broad range but market players are expecting the currency pair to be on the bullish side. The USD/CAD has proved to be one of the most volatile currency pairs with its 2-way movement but still in the wider trading range between 1.3050 and 1.3280. The release of the retail sales data last Friday turned out to be bad for the market, causing the CAD to decrease earlier this week. However, the bullish stance of the pair was still not able to break through the 1.3280 trading range.

    The CAD then bounced back after the release of the OPEC statement, where oil producers have agreed to cut down oil production in order to increase oil prices. The currency pair then decreased in value. But Canada’s GDP data came out way above the expectations of investors, increasing the USD/CAD’s value but not enough to break through the bottom range, therefore settling within the neutral territory.

    For this week, investors are awaiting the release of the Canadian employment report as well as the NFP report which is both slated to come out this Friday. Market players are expecting increased volatility once the mentioned economic data are released, together with the strengthening of the US economy due to an impending rate hike and the weakening of the Canadian economy due to the OPEC report.



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