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USDCAD: Pending Bullish Bat Pattern At Key Level

USDCAD: Pending Bullish Bat Pattern At Key Level

We a valid upslope in place we may see that price has formed the XABC waves of a bullish bat pattern with D point exactly at the slide parallel of the median line. Sl should be placed below X point and potential targets would be the slide parallel below the median line and the median line.

USDCAD Analysis



On the USD.CAD 15min chart we have a potential long opportunity’s at the D leg completion of bullish Cypher setup. The price reversal zone on this pair is between 1.3399 & 1.3380. The PRZ zone is only a guideline of where we will be paying attention for trade setups and opportunity’s. Potential targets for the Cypher setup placed at the .382% and .618% retracement of the C to D move. There is also opportunity to look for extended targets back into the 1.3456 resistance level Stop loss would be placed below X leg structure support. Tp 1 – 1.3425 Tp 2 – 1.3441.

USDCAD Analysis


In Another point of view – USDCAD keep going up

The price will go up @1.3750 we ready to sell at 1.3700 and stop at 1.3800

USDCAD Analysis

In Another point of view – Another swing setup for USDCAD

Common pattern for swing. looking for 500-600 pips for the first TP. USDCAD know for its correlation with oil. I am short from here.

usdcad analysis

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  • USD/CAD Technical Analysis: November 24, 2016

    The Canadian dollar against greenbacks moves in a consolidated state close to low psychological levels. The next move could be a rebound to 1.3500 level as what happened yesterday. There is less volatility in the market during the Asian and Euro trading session but it there has been a high activity during the U.S. session in preparation for Thanksgiving holiday which was further supported by the strong U.S. economic data.

    The pair bounced higher than 1.34 level next to 1.35 level towards 1.3525 zone. This was induced by the reports from Iraq requesting to cut output of oil producers while balancing the market supply and demand. The current demand is stable while the oil price is predicted to climbed in the next days to come. This cause the loonie to rally and strengthen yesterday and retreated at the same time. The pair moves in an uptrend reaching 1.35 handle although it moves in a slow pace.

    There is no major economic news for today from U.S. or Canada area. Hence, the current trend will remain bullish and consolidated.



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