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Technical Analysis: The Key to the Market Understanding

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Technical analysis (TA) is used by the majority of traders. It is clear, not difficult to learn, and it really works. This type of analyzing reveals the secrets of the price movement and allows to predict the future. This method of analyzing the market is like a science about the price, which can be effective enough when it’s done by a smart expert trader.

It gives an opportunity to look at historical movements of the price and forecast the potential ones. Probably you’ve heard a proverb “History repeats itself”. It also works for the Forex market. You should learn what patterns were formed in the past, and then you’ll be able to predict their formation in future.

The market usually moves just up and down, or sideways. The trader’s goal is to identify a trend, support and resistance levels and find entry points into the market and exit points from it.

JustForex broker offers you a new analytical section to ease the process of the market analysis and make your trading more comfortable. Everything you need is to visit our Analytics section and read the forecasts of our experts who have decades of live trading experience.

Anyway, keep in mind that technical analysis is based on the theory of chaos. It is an attempt of predicting probabilities mathematically. It can be compared to the weather forecast in some way. So, no one will give a 100% guarantee for the predictions and trading recommendations. Still, we point out at the TA figures and patterns that can be signals for finding entry points into the market.

Fundamental analysis is essential for traders as well, because it gives an opportunity to predict price movements in the long run. Due to this fact, we’ve made a section dedicated to this type of analysis and market overview. You can find it here.

We wish you profitable trading and welcome everyone who wants to visit our analytical section.

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