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Potential Bullish Gartley in EURJPY

Potential Bullish Gartley in EURJPY

There is potential deep Bullish Gartley in EURJPY completing at 122.16. Stop is below X, targets at 38.2 and 61.8. Moreover, the level around the entry has been tested several times and held as support. And because the Gartley is so deep we can have a very nice risk-reward.

Potential Bullish

In Another View Point – EURJPY H1 Short / From 0.61 fibo to 0.61 fibo

We broke out of a pattern, restested it on the 0.61 fibo. I think we will go down to at least 0.61 fibo of the last upside rally. I think EURJPY wont go much higher then 123 – 124, i expect downside next weeks and months first to 118, later to 110

Potential Bullish

In Another View Point – EUR/JPY Daily Update (17/12/16)

Price could not close above trench – 123.350 Structure analysis is bullish. A better bet would to wait a clear breakup higher then trade on the rt If price break down, a retrace till 120.3 would be possible. Key Resistance – 123.350 – 126 Key Support 120.3

Potential Bullish

In Another View Point – The rally continues

The chart is poised to move up by the end of the week but monday will be a risk averse trade in all jpy pairs. so expect a pull back on monday then a rally for the rest of the week. always remember the drop might be heavier than the rally but if you survive the drop you will be fine by the end of the week. IF THE TRADE FAILED TO BE POSITIVE BY TUESDAY’S CLOSE REVERSE THE BIAS happy pips

Potential Bullish

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