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Partner Programs on Forex. How to Earn with Them?

partner programs
partner programs on forex

Everyone can earn money on the Forex market, even if a person is not a professional trader or a mentor. Any blogger, webmaster or Facebook user can achieve success if he works as an affiliate. Attracting new clients to a company is a secret of high earnings. We are going to tell you about how Forex partnerships work. You will find out what partner programs are really worth attention and which of them JustForex broker can offer you.

1. CPA Affiliates

The Cost per action program doesn’t require deep knowledge of the market. Your main goal is to bring a client and get paid for him. An active social network user, a blogger, an email marketer or a media buyer can earn money simply by writing posts about the company. If your community is large enough, you’ll have guaranteed high conversion rates and an impressive income. Our company offers you the help of a dedicated affiliate manager, advanced marketing tools and customized working conditions.

2. Introducing Broker

The Introducing Broker is the program based on the Revenue share model. It is a chance to get a commission for trading of all attracted users during their lifetime in the company. The main idea of this program is: “The more clients you attract, the more money you get from the spread”. In general, you have a chance to build a strong business network and get up to $16 per one lot. Note, that this type of partnership doesn’t have any limits. The more and longer your attracted client works, the more funds you earn.

3. Regional Representative

This type of partnership suits both individuals and legal entities. Unlike the previous ones, it requires deep knowledge of the market. Its main idea is acting like a JustForex representative. Long story short, you get an already working and competitive business, develop and grow it in your region. Of course, the company includes the info about the regional office on its corporate website.

For starting this type of business you’ll need an office, a phone, 2 or more employees, the Internet connection, and a perfect knowledge of the market you are going to work with.

4. White Label

It is a type of partnership which allows legal entities to provide the brokerage services under their own brand. So, you get our trading conditions as the basic ones, but act from your own brand not mentioning JustForex. You will be independent in the administrative work, but free to use our technical support and the stream of quotations from the JustForex’s liquidity providers.

While Label requires excellent knowledge of the Forex market.

5. Payment Agents

An ideal program for companies which provide e-currency exchange services. If you work with depositing and withdrawing of funds via the Local transfer, you’ll get an opportunity to earn more with the Payment Agent partnership. Fresh flow of new clients will generate high profit due to the increase of the money turnover. For joining this program you’ll need an exchange service that works at least for half a year.

Now you are able to decide what partner programs are the most suitable to you. In fact, becoming a partner is easy, you just need to have a desire to work. We are glad to build long-term partnerships and let you earn more. So, you are always welcome!

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