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Market Analysis
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Market Analysis for Astro Key Dates – 4/4 was a short term high. 4/18 was a short-term low. 4/25 was a short-term low.

4/28 as a good short term high. 4/29 is too soon to evaluate. Score = 4 out of 4 good dates = 100%.

Fibonacci Dates – All 6 dates were highs. 4 out of the 6 dates were exact. 4/20 was the high day of the month.

Score = 6 out of 6 good dates = 100%.

S&P Dates – 4/18 was a short-term low. 4/19 was one day and close in price to the 4/20 high of the month.

Score = 2 out of 2 good dates = 100%. Please note there wasn’t enough room to mark these dates for the S&P on the chart. However, you can use the marks above from the Astro and Fibonacci dates to evaluate.

Score = 2 out of 2 good dates = 100%.

Total for all Key Dates = 12 out of 12 good dates = 100%.

Legend = Astro – Red or Green arrows are potential winners. Red square or circle around a bar is not effective.
A green square or circle around a bar is usually at the end of the month to indicate that window is still open and that there hasnot been enough time to evaluate. F = Fibonacci, if red or green = a potential winner. An indicates a Fibonacci miss.
If S&P model – A green or red S is a potential winner.


Market Analysis Update-May 2016

The major planetary action is mostly in the first 9 days of the month. There is a cluster of major events spanning from 5/4 – 5/9. 5/4 – Uranus in Aries Contra-Parallel Neptune in Pisces.
5/6 – 3:30 PM EDT – New Moon at Perigee. What makes this even more interesting is that 5/6 AC – Jupiter in Virgo will turn Direct. This is an Outer Planet Station Point. It has the potential to generate:

1) A MAJOR change in trend;
2) It often occurs within one day of the high or low of the month.
3) It has the potential to invert the Planetary energy, so that negative energy can become positive or visa versa. Please see the enclosed Planetary Index models for the four permutations of this. Which ever trend develops following Jupiter Direct will probably set the trend for at least until the 5/20 weekend, when Mercury will turn Direct, near a Full Moon.

Market Analysis5/20 AC is our second most important window, when Mercury will turn Direct in Taurus near a Full Moon. Mercury Direct is probably at the bottom of our Station Point Potency Totem Pole, but this one is joined by a Full Moon. The last time we saw a Mercury Station Point with a Lunation, that’s a Full or New Moon, was May 18-19, 2015, when we had the opposite point with a New Moon within one day. May 19, 2015 was the high day for the DJIA in 2015 and so far the all time high.

This is an excerpt from the Astro Trend newsletter. Astro-Trend covers about thirty futures related markets including the major Financial Markets, such as the Stock Market, T-Bonds, Currencies, and most major commodities. We also offer intra-day data which identifies potential change in trend points to the minute.

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