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Forex Market Analysis – USDJPY Trading Idea


Forex Market Analysis – USDJPY Trading Idea

Price reached 118.00 level and formed bearish divergence with RSI. It’s time for closing all long trades with good profit. We have a signal for possible down movement. Open short trades, when MACD histogram and ADX line start falling. Place stop orders above the resistance level 118.00. Profit targets are Moving Averages with 20, 50 and 100 periods. You can search for entry levels on the daily and hourly charts.

Forex Market Analysis

In Other View Point – Short USDJPY 0.618

USDJPY, 2618 can wait for the price retracement after 0.618 short, there are still important structure of the 0.618, it is noteworthy You can wait for technical indicators (RSI or KD) to go short in the overbought zone

Forex Market Analysis

In Another View Point – USDJPY bearish stair step formation

H4 – bullish market, making a retracement H1 – downtrend after consolidation indicating that a retracement has started (red line). Waiting for a retracement from the downtrend to get short M30 – bearish stair step trade (61.8 + 1.618 inversion) Entry – 61.8 + 1.618 inversion Stops – above previous highs Profit – 1.272 extension

Forex Market Analysis

In Another View Point – Rejection candle

USDJPY is showing very nice rejection signs on the 4 hour so I’m looking to buy. After the buy if it respects the highs then ill be opening a short position to possibly ride the wave down if it lines up correctly

Forex Market Analysis

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  • USD/JPY Fundamental Analysis: December 20, 2016

    The Bank of Japan is expected to maintain its previous monetary policies and give more positive economic expectations, thereby cementing speculations that the central bank could possibly induce an interest rate increase instead of a rate cutback. Because of the lack of policy adjustments, USD/JPY traders will now be shifting their focus on BoJ’s Kuroda’s statement regarding the increase in Japanese yields. There are speculations that Kuroda could either talk about economic expectations for 2017 or the risks involved with a sudden surge in bond yields. However, it is more definite that Kuroda will be treading carefully with regards to increasing market expectations of an interest rate hike.

    The Bank of Japan could possibly sustain its present pledge-to-guide short term rates at -0.1% and 10-year Japanese Government bond yields at around 0% in spite of a somewhat positive sentiment for the Japanese economy. However, traders are advised to be careful with regards to holding Japanese bond yields at 0%, since long-term interest rates have now increased due to speculations of a steadier US rate hikes and an inflation surge under the Trump administration. The Bank of Japan is now under pressure due to calls for the central bank to add
    up its 10-year yields target.



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