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Forex Market Analysis – USDJPY amazing buying chance

Forex Market Analysis – USDJPY amazing buying chance

With the dollar strength since the presidential election, USDJPY has just been ripping it to the upside. The U.S. rate hike has only brought in more buyers. Given the strength, it would be foolish to look for shorting opportunities so we ar on the lookout for good opportunities to buy. The 114.75 level is a key institutional level that we ar looking very closely. If price can manage to make its way down to the figure it could be a very good time to buy. we’ll monitor price action and post updates to this plan if we get entered into a long position on this pair. unique Forex is where retail traders become institutional traders. Learn to trade like an institutional trader and become consistently profitable.

Forex Market Analysis

In Other View Point – Excellent rally for USDJPY

This was an excellent rally for UJ. however now comes the primary motivation for the Monthly Bears – the 61.8 of 1st impulse wave at 117.68 This last spike on 900 ticks already points there on 1st impulse. So, to really ends there should do some rectifications specially on 2d impulse (900 ticks). Anyway one potential setup will be this one IF target is really 117.68 – very probable indeed.

Good luck Please be aware that: – These points could overpass a bit as long as the impulse will be there, usually on a 4H or Daily utc server. – Please note that i’m only predicting where things happens, not when, because that really depends on others factors such as the agreement of all major sessions – London, ny and Singapore – and also on Events, the fast/slow motion tool. – also those points/targets aren’t random or just imagination, they’re in fact result of my calculations based on wave counting, measurement and convergence on very high timeframes starting from weekly charts up to yearly.

Forex Market Analysis

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