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Forex Analysis – NZDUSD 1D Channel Break ?

Forex Analysis – NZDUSD 1D Channel Break ?

NZDUSD has been very choppy the last year and a half but it has slowly ascended within a wide channel formation. The pair had a very strong bearish move after yesterdays interest rate hike but it is yet to approach the bottom support of the ascending channel. I am looking for a brake of the channel and if it’s broken I would go short at 0.69876. My first target would be the daily support somewhere around 0.68000 if the is broken then I expect further down movement

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In Other View Point – A potential cypher formation.

NZDUSD A strong resistance laying below i am gonna try to buy it cheaper because there is a high probability that the price will test the resistance before bouncing up to hit our target. wait for extra confirmation RSI & STOCH oversold. MACD crossover & show exhausted bear movement. SL same level with the lowest structure level on the left.

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In Another View Point – NZDUSD – BULLISH CYPHER SETUP – .7026

On the NZDUSD 4hr chart we have a potential long opportunity’s at the D leg completion of bullish Cypher setup. The price reversal zone on this pair is between .7026 and .6970 The PRZ zone is only a guideline of where we will be paying attention for trade setups and opportunity’s. Potential targets for the Cypher setup placed at the .382% and .618% retracement of the C to D move. There is also opportunity to look for extended targets back into .7200 Stop loss would be placed below X leg structure support. Tpt 1 – .7107 Tp 2 – .7158

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  • NZD/USD Technical Analysis: December 21, 2016

    The remarks of Yellen about the strengthening of the U.S job market plus the 2017 plan for Fed tightening subsidize the greenbacks, however, weighed heavily on higher-yielding New Zealand dollar. The NZD continued to be bearish and slid down through 0.6900 during the mid-Europe session held yesterday.

    Upon successfully breaking the level, sellers had expanded its gain through the 0.6850 region. As indicated in the 4-hour chart, the price traded under the moving averages as the 50-EMA pass over the 100 and 200-EMAs in a lower point. Moreover, the entire moving averages sustained its bearish pattern. Current resistance touched the 0.6900 area, support settled around the 0.6850 level.

    MACD grew less which confirmed stronger stance for the sellers. The RSI approached the oversold zone in which supports a renewed downward movement. The NZD/USD will reach the 0.6850 after it broke the 0.6900 region. Should the price advance towards the 0.6800 upon beating its initial target.

  • NZD/USD Technical Analysis: January 3, 2017

    The trading session of the pair NZD/USD has high volatility on Friday as traders settle their positions in closing for the year end. A slightly supportive candle is seen to form with a strong resistance at 0.70 level while it is supportive on prior trading session. The exhaustive candle pattern encouraged sellers to be active, trying to move the price towards the 0.68 level. The U.S. dollar remains strong while the New Zealand dollar is expected to be lower as greenback dominates the trend.

  • NZD/USD Technical Analysis: January 4, 2017

    The New Zealand currency had recovered compared to its American counterpart after the data release from China’s manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index. Meanwhile, the pair established its recovery during the early trades yesterday in spite of the dollar’s strengthening across the board.

    The NZD plunged through an upward trend and beat the 0.6950 level in the middle session of Asian trading. Nevertheless, the upswing that last overnight tried to hold back below the 0.6950 hurdle where the NZD/USD found a renewed selling interest. Moreover, the pair rebounded from the level amid the post-EU open and continued towards the 0.6900 support.

    The 4-hour chart showed the price pushed the 50-EMA upwards in the morning trades. The pair was unable to expand its growth and further entered the 50-day moving averages before the outset of the North American session. The 200-EMA together with the 100-EMA sustained its bearish signal and the 50-EMA established a neutral stance. Resistance took the 0.6950 level, support approached the 0.6900 area. The MACD histogram traded on the downside. While the RSI oscillator lies in the neutral zone after it departed in the overvalued readings.

    A bearish sentiment ruled on Tuesday. It is highly anticipated that the currency pair’s next target is 0.6900. In case the NZDUSD surpasses the initial target, the price is possible to move ahead to the 0.6850 region.

  • NZD/USD Technical Analysis: January 9, 2016

    The kiwi expand its recovery against its U.S peer during the middle session of Asia. Meanwhile, the NZD/USD is unable to move further the 0.7050 level and bounce back after it touched the aforesaid level.

    During the EU session, the pair remained in a tight range that lies in the middle of 0.7000 and 0.7030. Another session of selling interest drove the New Zealand dollar downwards prior to the opening of the NY trades.

    The price had a steep decline towards the 0.7000 range and extended its losses. According in the 4-hour chart, the price pushed the 50 and 100-EMAs higher and the 200-EMA was tested. It continued to struggle together with the neutral 200-EMA in the course of the EU hours. Moreover, the 50-EMA ascended, at the same time the 100-EMA moved southwards. Resistance touched the 0.7050, support is seen at 0.7000.

    The indicators en route north around the bullish zone. The MACD histogram increased, favoring buyer’s strength. The RSI lies in overvalued territory.

    The technical represents a bullish momentum. A The technical picture presents a bullish tone. A rapid price decline on top of the 0.7050 impedes the increase within the 0.7100 resistance level.

  • NZD/USD Technical Analysis: January 25, 2017

    As the Asian session emerged, the bullish momentum appeared to be short-lived yesterday. The price failed to hold its gains and reversed down from the 0.7250 level. Sellers expanded their profits breaking the price through 0.7200 region amid the EU trades. The selling interest was unable to maintain its position upon reaching the region and endured price rejection upwards.

    The NZD/USD is confined on top of the moving averages based on the 4-hour chart. The 100 and 50-EMA kept its bullish stance while 200-EMA was flat. Resistance touched 0.7250 mark, support entered 0.7200 handle.

    The MACD tool still presented the same position as buyer’s strength continued to grow. The RSI settled close to the oversold readings, confirming another lower trend.
    Meanwhile, the 0.7250 barrier is the next bullish target. In case, a return occurred towards 0.7150 there is a probable decline against the 0.7100 support.

  • NZD/USD Technical Analysis: February 6, 2017

    The Kiwi against greenback declined on Friday’s trading session. A strong support was found at 0.7250 level but was able to reverse the trend after forming a bullish candle while the resistance is found at 0.7350 level. If the price breaks higher than the psychological levels which will then result to a decline to the 0.71 level. Traders should expect high volatility in the market. Hence, fluctuations and rough trading for the pair.

  • NZD/USD Technical Analysis: February 20, 2017

    The NZDUSD were kept below the pressured area and resumed its decline under the 0.7200 level on Friday. Having broke the level, sellers weakened and took a pause to regain some steam attempting to make another move downwards.

    The major rebounded the 50-EMA towards a lower point as indicated in the 4-hour chart. The spot extended its development in the middle of 200 and 50-EMAs. The 50-EMA is trending lower, 100-EMA was neutralized and the 200-EMA moved higher. Resistance is at 0.7200, support lies at 0.7150.

    MACD histogram lies at the center point. If the indicator approaches the positive zone, it will provide added strength for the buyers. While an entry in the negative territory will open an opportunity for the sellers to dominate the market. RSI escaped from the overvalued area and settled around the neutral region. Should the spot surpass the 0.7200 mark higher, will negate the medium-term negative outlook.

    The bulls are able to drive the pair to 0.7250 handle. While a decline under 0.7150 will cause the support the sellers having a chance to continue its slide through 0.7100.

  • NZD/USD Technical Analysis: February 23, 2017

    An objective trend seems bearish. The New Zealand dollar resumed its reversal on Tuesday regaining greater portion of its previous losses. The price halted on top of the 0.7150 level as it trade in a tight range yesterday.

    The spot remained unsteady near its fresh highs throughout the day. As shown in the 4-hour chart, the 50-EMA made a downward crossover to 200-EMA whilst the price resumed its development on the lower area of the moving averages. Moreover, the 50 and 100-EMA drove downwards while 200-EMA preserved a bullish pattern. Resistance pierced 0.7200, support plunge in at 0.7150.

    The MACD indicator had a dip confirming addition strength for the seller. RSI hovered around the neutral zone.

    The price met a support within 0.7150 loss and stalled through 0.7100.

  • NZD/USD Technical Analysis: April 7, 2017

    The New Zealand dollar surged following a break higher than the peak of the hammer during the Thursday session. A strong resistance level is found at 0.70 handle. It is anticipated for the pair to have a volatility and it could increase towards the 0.71 handle when the jobs data comes out and break higher than 0.70 mark. There could also be reversals and the support level to position close to the 0.69 handle. Nevertheless, traders should expect volatility for today’s trading session.

  • NZD/USD Technical Analysis: May 5, 2017

    The New Zealand dollar dropped during the Thursday session. The market has gone bearish because of the commodity market and the jobs data to be released. Traders should not forget that the price trend for the kiwi dollar would be influenced by the commodity market. The current trend could go higher reaching the 0.68 handle and short-term surge would mean selling opportunity. If the price breaks lower than the psychological level, the price would go downward instead. Traders should anticipate high volatility in the market but would be favorable for the U.S. dollar since the awaited jobs data to be released today.

    The Future market also influences the currency although would not be directly influenced with any market. One could find a correlation between milk futures and the kiwi although it would not do much since the liquidity isn’t that high. The safe way is to compare with other commodities to determine how this currency will move and its overall tone in the market and wait for a short-term surge. It is possible to reverse the trend when it breaks higher than the 0.69 level and turn bullish as a follow through and climb higher.

  • NZD/USD Technical Analysis: May 8, 2017

    The New Zealand dollar against the U.S. dollar initially rallied for the past week. The 0.69 level was seen to give significant resistance which hints the possible continuation of the uptrend. However, this is not a good indication for commodities which highly influences the currency. On a good side, the crude oil surge for a while during the Friday session. Yet, the commodity market could remain subdued which would then decreased the demand for kiwi. It won’t take long that this pair would further decline. If the pair breakdown lower than the 0.6850 level, the next level would be at 0.67.

    Short-term rallies for this pair opens more opportunities which will soon push forward. The pair hovers at 50% Fibonacci retracement level and it is anticipated to have a lot of noise down beloW. However, if the pair breaks down from the expected level, this implies that the pair is not strong enough.

    On the other hand, if the pair breaks more than the 0.7030 level, the price could extend up to 0.73 handle or higher. The pair is much more directed to the go downward instead. Traders should look out for commodity market which will influence the currency in the next trading sessions and it may be difficult to go long for long-term in this pair.

  • NZD/USD Technical Analysis: May 22, 2017

    The New Zealand currency experienced a volatile session amid Friday trades as it broke on top of the 0.69 handle. A grasp to the level 0.6950 was highly resistive which is better than all the range for the previous weeks.

    A break on top this region is considered significant looking forward through the top of 0.70 mark, this also allows the market to drive higher.

    Moreover, the market would likely maintain its volatility and choppiness. The kiwi was highly sensitive against the risk appetite which appeared to be unpredictable at this moment. With that being said, the thought that the NZD will be one of the complicated currencies to trade is possible. The “risk on” sentiment has returned in the market favoring the profits for the buyers.

    Moreover, the market will remain choppy and volatile for the next hours and the 0.6880 region below contains a massive support.

    The “buy on the dips” will further extend, however, headwinds on top of it are within reach. In this case, the market has to provide lots of trading opportunities intended for the scalpers but the short-term traders will remain to draw attention towards this.

    There will be some struggle that longer-term traders will experience, in order to search for a suitable position. Therefore, holding a trade for a lengthy period is difficult as there could probably some real size ongoing.

  • NZD/USD Technical Analysis: May 29, 2017

    The New Zealand dollar against the U.S. dollar has had a flat trading in early Friday but when the buyers returned, the price rose towards the 0.71 handle and above. Short-term pullbacks offer value in the market as the market tries to reach higher levels.

    The 0.70 level gives off massively supportive until the price breaks lower which makes it complicated selling. Buyers will proceed with going long as the market is open climb higher although the pair is still involved with high risks. It is anticipated that the pair will most likely decline from here onwards that makes the pair more susceptible to risks.

    There is a strong upward pressure for this pair and volatility would increase even more. The New Zealand dollar is highly sensitive to the overall commodity market that makes is important to monitor the commodity market not necessarily a certain commodity market.

    There is high volatility in the market which will reflect in trading this pair. With the political concerns from the Washington, D.C., the pair is expected to be influenced despite its almost daily occurrence. Hence, traders should still be cautious that makes short-term trades more advisable to trade to make through the current problems concerning this pair.

  • NZD/USD Technical Analysis: June 2, 2017

    The Kiwi dollar declined in the day during Thursday trade while testing the mark 0.7050. Despite the choppiness of the market, the New Zealand currency have the possibility to beat the Australian dollar. It does not mean that the market will establish an optimistic stance, rather it will become more resilient. The market will search the level below 0.70 because this holds a nice large figure, however, the release of US employment figures on Friday involves plenty of noise.
    The market will found the resistance on top of the 0.71 handle and the rally will soon fade away because the mentioned region seems resistive. As indicated on the higher level of the chart, some type of channel are trying to develop.

    The NZDUSD is not easy to deal with because it is the least liquid among major pair and when the announcement is made, it would likely to have a violent move. With this, it is suggested to steer clear from the commodity-linked pair as this could lead you to pain if you did not take proper caution. The ability to break down under 0.70 region would break down significantly. It signals a longer-term indicator, either way, it could toggle continually moving a gradual ascending grind.

    As the market maintain a choppy stance, lots of opportunities were also offered.

  • NZD/USD Technical Analysis: June 6, 2017

    The New Zealand broke in the lower channel during the Monday session. Later, the trend bounced off to fill the gap then declined again. There is massive support found in the 0.71 below which triggered the market to rise again as it reached the former break level. Currently, the market is attempting to move higher as it gains momentum to reach the 0.7150 region which would hint a bullish sentiment.

    The market could also retreat from this level towards the 0.71 handle once more. Overall, there will be high volatility and persist for some time in the market since the New Zealand dollar is relative to commodities market which always changes. Hence, the currency is expected to be traded with a choppy environment.

    Buying on the lows is advisable for this pair and is not surprising for them to return as the trend moves in a downtrend. However, shorting this pair may not be the best move. If the price breaks lower than the 0.71 handle, the next move would be to go downward toward the 0.7050 level.

    Nevertheless, the market will be very choppy driven by geopolitical risks and in consideration of its sensitivity opting the U.S. dollars as a safety currency while the kiwi being the riskier one in this pair. Volatility is also anticipated to persist in either direction it goes.

  • NZD/USD Technical Analysis: June 7, 2017

    The NZDUSD rallied amid trades on Tuesday and broke the level on top of 0.7150 smoothly. The Kiwi dollar continued to search for buyers on dips and tend to handle some pullback as an opportunity to increase rate.

    The market tried to touch the region above 0.72, en route 0.75 afterwards. As shown in the chart, the area around 0.71 handle provides a lot of support and regarded to be the floor of the market in the near-term uptrend. The commodity space continues to weigh on the market and the NZD seems to be the “barometer” towards the overall sentiment of futures trading. Watch closely for the commodity because it could possibly show the way.

    It could be a good move to buy dips moving forward because it suits the current status of the New Zealand currency. Selling remains impossible as far as we breach under the 0.71 mark. A successful break down prompts the market to reach the range below 0.7050 which is very supportive previously, along with the 0.70 region. In any case, the market remains to be volatile, however, the moving averages came in reliable, particularly the 48-hour MA shown in green color, hence it should offer further buying opportunities.

    The volatility driven market persists, but the late impulsivity indicates that buyers begin to develop more confident as it moves ahead. Moreover, the dips will provide value which is an advantage to market participants.

  • NZD/USD Technical Analysis: June 23, 2017

    The Kiwi dollar break up to the upside amid Thursday trading hours and cut through over the region 0.7250, touching higher up to 0.7270 area, however, retreated to 0.7250 mark by which buyers have seen to make its entry towards the marketplace.

    As the 24-hour exponential moving average still offer support causing the New Zealand to attract the attention of the buyers but pull back is required in order to meet those buyers.
    The target is the level above 0.73 and when the commodity sector could at least make some recovery, it could further support the NZD.

    Having said that, a consolidation will form between the 0.72 and 0.73 levels. Basically, we are on top of the “fair value” which indicates that buyers are nearly able to direct the market.
    Ability to break on top of 0.73 will enable the market to crept higher and it may take some time to do so.

    Moreover, the national currency of New Zealand Dollar appeared to be the strongest among other commodity currencies which have the possibility to keep going.

    As a buyer, we recognize the breakdown under 0.72 area which is negative and has the potential to revise the overall projections.

    The 0.75 level remains to be the target In the longer-term, even though it may take quite some time, the longer-term traders still believe that it will happen soon. With this, the market persists in buying the dips.



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