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Forex Analysis – EURUSD potential bearish cypher + trend + ABCD + 161.8 ext.

Forex Analysis – EURUSD potential bearish cypher + trend + ABCD + 161.8 ext.

Forex analysis – D1 – double bottom, consolidating bands (potential bullish reversal thus not expecting lower lows) H1 – potential bearish cypher + ABCD + 1.618 confluence Entry – potential bearish cypher + minor structure Stops – medium (structure) Profit – medium (previous lows due to the double bottom)

Forex analysis

In Other View Point – The upside prevails

Long position above one.0580 with targets at 1.0685, 1.0715, 1.0745. Alternative scenario : below 1.0580 look for more downside with targets at 1.0540, 1.0515. Rsi shows upside momentum.

Forex analysis

In Another View Point – EURUSD Bearish Cypher

There’s a bearish cypher pattern setting up on euro with D leg completion at 1.06960. The spike during Asia today nearly created it to the completion point, but not quite, and we’re still waiting for the trade. See below for the entry and exit prices. Entry: 1.06940 Stop loss: 1.07550 Take profit one: 1.06330 Take profit two: 1.05900.

Forex Analysis

In Another View Point – Cypher patter shorting and a Long opportunity

Good day all after the finishing of the cypher patter we got a golden chance to short and then we got a good probability to go long again all the ratios and targets as per the chart attached.

forex analysis


In monthly chart there’s 3 bearish candle that have taken over nine months of bullish run. think about IT; that’s huge|a huge|an enormous|a vast|a colossal} massive bearish power. we ar near the bottom of the bucket. ar we there yet? I dont see a sign yet. we much trade with caution trade with trend take profit when can and cut our losses short I hope this three charts have helped you be more clear on what side of the tracks you want to be on with EURUSD.

forex analysis

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  • EUR/USD Technical Analysis: November 29, 2016

    The remarks made by Mario Draghi was the center of attraction of the market yesterday. As investors anticipated for an improvement in policy and economy, as well as other concerns related with the June 23 referendum. Meanwhile, bears became active again this time. The previous recovery loses its gains around the 1.0700 region. The pair withdrawn from its recent highs and lowered down towards 1.0650 level amid post-EU hours. Moreover, seller’s maneuvered the price near the 1.0600 during the EU session. The price pushed the 200-EMA below and found a barrier within the 50 and 100 EMAs as indicated in the 1-hour chart. The 200-day moving averages headed downwards, the 100-day average has established a neutral stance and the 50-day heightened. The resistance settled at 1.0650, support entered the 1.0600 level. The MACD increased and specified weaker position for the sellers. RSI headed southwards.



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