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EURUSD at daily Basic Scenarios into 2017


EURUSD at daily Basic Scenarios into 2017

Basic situations into 2017 in principle i’m watching three scenarios, after eCB Marios speech, while last ECB press conference 1st scenario: 1.12994 – 1.05180 (reaction after ecb mario press conference) 2nd scenario: 1.05047 – 1.08734 (price recovery after sell reaction) 3nd scenario: 1.06700 – 1.03665 (price reaction after fed rate hike) The question which poses to me is: “was this all?” or “Begin ot`s now?” – of course with the sell pressure in the euro-zone :) how ever, prices under 1.03665 ar sugesting ar downfall under 1.00 at least :peace: And if we`re using the 2 years old sideway trading box as matehmatic basis (1.04624 low from march`15 and even 1.17140 high from september`15) EURUSD could fall even down to around 0.90 ?! Even around around prices while 9/11 before fifteen years (2001) ?! definitely, we should look at the 3rd scenario, currently at first! And break to the downside should the development accelerate again. and prices above the third scenario would focus us even in the 2nd scenario between 1.08734 – 1.05047 back again. and prices abovbe the 2nd scenario i can`t imagine anymore – after last ECB & FED press conferences, economic information and future exceptation in each currencies or even fiscal policies … take care & analyzed it again – it`s always your decission … (for a bigger picture zoom the chart) this is only a analysis (for swing traders) – no recommendation !!! Buying/Selling or even only watching is always your own responsibility.


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  • EUR/USD Technical Analysis: December 19, 2016

    The trade balance in the Euro area declined in October, same scenario with the volume of exports but the import volume increased despite the decrease in the value of European currency. Moreover, the euro made a recovery on Friday. Traders broke the price and reached 1.0450 as they made some reversal on its previous losses. Meanwhile, buyers were unable to regain the level which caused an ascending motion of impetus to fade thereupon the price move towards a lower area. The 50-EMA pass over the 100-EMA downwards as shown in the 4-hour chart. The entire moving averages headed lower. Resistance touch the 1.0450 range, support lies at 1.0400.

    The MACD histogram strengthened which means the positions for the sellers softened. RSI is in the oversold territory which indicates for another downward trend. According to speculations, the market will remain in the pressured area in case that EUR/USD fail to push the price higher, in return, the pair is expected to establish a weak point. The next target of the sellers is 1.0350 and 1.0400.



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