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EUR / USD – constantly waivers Market

Analysis EUR / USD Forex for July 13, 2016

Neutral to Bearish

Zone 1 to 1.1065 / 1.1068
Zone 2 to 1.1068 / 1.1069
Zone 3 to 1.1076 / 1.1101

1.1081 – PP Daily
1.1079 – PP Weekly

Beautiful recovery in Sterling Must Say That saw the fall, it est devenu Almost mandatory, aim it is not provided it is saved, I would Say That on current levels must be careful Because The retracement is deep as possible, but good must relativize All Because Personally Yen purchases Single I’m not a fan, I still prefer the book so if it Recounts this will be happiness.

In this rising pattern of GBP of course there is the tinkering around the EUR / GBP qui dropped _him_ The Therefore remains how this Brexit will affect the currencies Among –other Developments That entre GBP / USD GBP / JPY EUR / GBP EUR / USD can be added EUR / JPY and USD / JPY race and a pinch of Gold and Silver and you will have a beautiful basket of currencies That Strongly influences the US indices.

Because if yesterday YEN is Weakened it is Neither more nor less Because The book is taken facing EUR and JPY thereby Causing the Gold Slightly down and US indexes Increases in strong. These US indexes are aussi at risk of triple tops so the Slightest grain of sand embark May All That pretty speculation on US indexes down. I would not say it’s bearish me just say it is very high and so pretty That binz back below 18000 Could Be Heard singing.

That is always the Sami market in perpetual nerd. Clues stretched on mode principle Weakening currency, it is only Europe That Does not rise Because The euro is still strong, Then When the slaughter of the euro for the indexes rise. As if to make up the clues That Would revive the economy.

Conclusion: I would Say That EUR / USD is sitting on the fence and That for now it hovers around 1.1080 PP and That thesis markets are on the ropes, and saw the end of the week is even better to be light mode, digestion BREXIT is far from over. Next week will see the three witches The Therefore wait and see.

Gilbert Drouvroy for


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