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Daily Forex Market Update – GBPUSD BULLISH BAT SETUP

Daily Forex Market Update – GBPUSD BULLISH BAT SETUP

Daily Forex Market Update – On the GBP.USD 15min chart we’ve a potential long opportunity’s at the D leg completion of bullish Bat setup. the price reversal zone on this pair is between 1.2394 & 1.2380 The PRZ zone is only a suggestion of where we’ll be paying attention for trade setups and opportunity’s. Potential targets for the Bat setup placed at the .382% and .618% retracement of the A to D move. there’s also chance to look for extended targets at 1.2491 Stop loss would be placed below X leg structure support. Target one – 1.2440 Target two – 1.2469

Daily Forex Market Update



Continuing the downhill momentum with the increased USDOLLAR strength. Price action giving me clear signs of a further push towards the monthly resistance level, here we may see a reversal start to form along with further economic activity this week and next. 1:1.7 risk reward. At your own discretion. Looking for traps. Do not get drawn into piling on lots that you can not control with your own emotions.

Daily Forex Market Update

Daily Forex Market Update –  USDJPY W Resistance: 110.90 Support: 100.000 – 98.00

Daily Forex Market Update

Forex Signal – USDCHF

Entry sell : 1.0040 Target price : 0.98613 Stop loss : 1.0085

Daily Forex Market Update

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  • GBP/USD Fundamental Analysis: November 17, 2016

    The GBP/USD pair remains in the lower trading range even though it has managed to stay above 1.2400. Market players have long been speculating that the after-effects of the Brexit referendum will continue to have an influence on the sterling pound no matter how many times it would increase and its bulls will not be able to stay put. The GBP will have difficulty with regards to getting and maintaining a substantial bull stance since the Brexit process will be too risky for investors and traders for them to make long-term bets. The currency pair has recently been trying to break through its rut, but any uptick by the sterling pound is always met with suspicion from investors and is always seen as a sell opportunity. The pair was somewhat able to increase by 200-300 pips during the past trading sessions but was incessantly pushed down by bears and has returned below 1.2500.

    For today’s trading session, investors are expecting the release of the UK retail sales data during the European session, with investors waiting whether this particular data release would be able to exceed initial expectations. The CPI data from US and comments from Fed’s Janet Yellen is also expected to make its rounds today, and the GBP/USD could possibly benefit if Yellen confirms the occurrence of the Fed rate hike in December by going down to the 1.2300 region.

  • GBP/USD Fundamental Analysis: November 18, 2016

    Cable was swayed by the continues appreciation of U.S. dollars just like other money. In comparison other currencies, pound was not as affected compared to euro while Aussie has weakened. The strengthening of U.S. dollars seems to persist for some time that is favorable for bulls in the market.

    The pound was on lows few weeks ago but was able to recover after U.S. elections relative to Brexit decisions where dealers grasp the concept that there are still chances for to make times come around and this could occur again in the future. Consequently, this has driven investors to go for pound but is still inadequate to keep pound afloat in the midst of U.S. dollars strengthening. Nevertheless, the current market activity kept the trend from going down.

    The current surge of U.S. dollars has prompted Fed Governor Yellen to determine the next rate hike this December. However, this caused the pair to decline. If greenback sustained its uptrend, the pair is expected to move towards the 1.2300 level in today’s trading session. The is no major news to be released neither from U.K. nor from U.S. countries.

  • GBP/USD Fundamental Analysis: November 21, 2016

    The sterling pound was subject to significant losses since the unexpected strength of the USD has already took hold of the market’s general direction. However, as compared to other major currencies such as the AUD and EUR, the GBP was able to withstand the sudden strength of the USD and its effect on the market. This is because the market is slowly coming to terms with unconventional political moves, which is evident in the Brexit referendum and US elections. The sterling pound was able to become more stable since market players are now seeing Brexit as much less of a risk as compared to before.

    For the past week, the GBP has consolidated and stabilized in spite of its bearish bias. This particular bias was somewhat augmented by weak economic data from the UK which was caused by the slowly sinking negative effects of the Brexit referendum as well as the pronounced weakness in the euro. The CPI data for UK came in lower than expected, but the retail sales data for the region came out on a more positive note.

    For this week, the GDP report for the UK is expected to be released but since the USD has been constantly increasing as well as US Treasury yields, it is expected that this will have more impact on the currency pair. The US will also be releasing the minutes of the FOMC meeting this coming Wednesday, which is expected to give clues about the upcoming Fed rate hike in December.



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