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Cent accounts: new trading opportunities!

cent accounts from justforex
cent accounts from justforex

Dear traders! We have wonderful news for everyone who has been waiting for a chance to trade on a cent account. We have created them for you!

Trading is provided via the MT4 platform and terms are the same to our Classic accounts. But before going to our website and learning the specifics, we advise you to read our article. You’ll find some tips here!

What are cent accounts?

Cents, but not dollars, are used for measuring deposits, profits and losses here. The other conditions and terms are the same to traditional accounts. The main difference is that you will see your money in cents. $1 will be displayed as 100, $5 as 500 here.

Why are these accounts useful?

1. If you are new to Forex, start with a cent account. It’s closer to reality than a demo one as it deals with real money, though the sums are measured in cents. Moreover, beginners who trade cents will be more prepared psychologically to the real trading than people who worked with demos.

2. You don’t need much money for the initial deposit. Only $1-2 is needed!

3. It’s a perfect way to test a new trading strategy. You don’t need to invest much at the very beginning and at the same time, you can see if your new system is profitable enough for investing in it.

4. Test your expert advisors on cent accounts. If they work correctly, you will get some additional money. If they don’t, a couple of dollars won’t be a big loss.

The maximum leverage available for traders who use Cent accounts is 1:2000. The leverage can be easily changed through the Back Office or directly from the trading platform. The most traded currency pairs and metals were chosen for this type of accounts. The spreads are floating from 2 pips. You can also find the detailed average spreads of every financial instrument on the website.

Such accounts are designed especially for the newcomers and people who just want to test how Forex works. A perfect start for a long trading way.
We wish you all profitable trading on the JustForex cent accounts!

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