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AUDUSD Analysis – BAT Pattern Lining Up With Ascending Triangle

Audusd analysis

AUDUSD Analysis – BAT Pattern Lining Up With Ascending Triangle

Hey Traders ! Not much on the radar this morning, particularly after that huge gap we got on some of the pairs following the sunday open. These elections ar driving the markets nuts, so much uncertainty has people shifting money quicker than they’ll make up their minds. best thing to try to to when there’s so much uncertainty, is to stay on the sidelines. there is a trader i know that says something terribly true, “FLAT is a position” and how true that’s.

Anyways, today we’ve a BAT pattern in it’s infancy, not sure if it’ll even come down to break the B leg, however, being the markets ar so volatile, do not be surprised if price shoots down as a false breakout and then continues upwards. Ascending Triangles have a tendency to go up rather than down. As you know, stops below X, targets the fib retracements of the longest swing in the pattern.

Audusd analysis

Learning to break down the structure

audusd analysis

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  • AUD/USD Fundamental Analysis: November 7, 2016

    The stronger U.S. dollar overpowers Australian dollar. Last week, the greenback declined as the polls showed a lead of the Republican candidate Donald Trump against the Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton. Now, it has been reversed. Greenback is anticipated to rise up again as the news regarding Hilary Clinton’s issue with the private email server, while she was still in the position as the secretary of the state, has been cleared. This sudden boost in prices is a great opportunity especially for audacious investors and gain profit to low prices and buy stocks to avail funds. Investors are expected to hedge funds to narrow risks in this situation.

    Aussie is considerably a risky asset hence, a bullish trend may not create a big change in the Australian dollar. Yet, the next move of this pair cannot be clearly known compared to other major currency such as Yen and dollar. Traders have to be careful on their next move and there are other pairs that are more stable.

    The main concern in U.S. is the presidential election while the price activity of Aussie depends on the AIG Construction Index and the ANZ Job Advertisements report. There are other minor news in Australia namely: the Labor Market Conditions Index, Loan Officer Survey and Consumer Credit. However, these are expected not to have a major influence in trading.

    Aussie is in a neutral state today and investors should be mindful that the price activity may change drastically as it might go a sudden dive in response with the news. As the U.S. presidential election gets near, the financial market is still shaky with investors being unsure to take a position prior to the election.

  • AUD/USD Fundamental Analysis: November 16, 2016

    The AUD/USD pair exhibited increased volatility during Tuesday’s session but ended the session on a higher range at 0.7559 points after increasing by +0.05% or 0.0004 points. Meanwhile, the NZD/USD closed down the previous trading session at 0.7099 after decreasing by -0.24% or 0.0017 points.

    The Australian dollar received substantial support after the Reserve Bank of Australia released the minutes of its recently concluded policy meeting. The minutes of the RBA showed a balanced inflation risk, indicating a more stable monetary policy which is expected to go forward. The RBA has also showed a positive stance with regards to global growth. However, the market has to consider that the RBA meeting took place prior to the election of Donald Trump.

    The Australian dollar broke sharply as the session closed due to the release of the US retail sales data which came out on a much positive note as compared to October’s data. According to report, majority of households in the US purchased a wide range of goods, including motor vehicles. The retail sales report indicates that the US economy is sustaining enough growth which could increase the possibility of a Fed rate hike in December. However, the Federal Reserve has stated that it will be closely watching the regulation of the financial market as well as interest rates due to Trump’s fiscal spending proposals. The Fed Vice Chairman has also stated that however risky the market liquidity is at present, the liquidity is just enough to sustain the movement of the global market.

  • AUD/USD Technical Analysis: November 22, 2016

    The Aussie continues its decline from 0.7778 level as is expected to stayed with the 0.7310 level to 0.7460 level in the following days. However, the climb from 0.7310 level is a form of consolidation. If the resistance level remains strong, the decline will persist and could even go lower at 0.7200 mark. The decline is supported when a break is seen at its Physiological levels.



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