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Forex traders are human, they need to sleep. But Forex market is automated process, it never sleeps. When a trader is waking up and logging on to his MT4 platform in New York, another one in Sydney is closing the day’s trade and planning to sleep. While may be a third one in Tokyo has finished lunch and waiting for the new trading opportunity! It means, no matter how closely you look at the market, you cannot watch it for 24 hours. That’s why you need assistant, who will watch the market for you and deliver time to time market commentary. That’s why we have established Analystfx.com.
Analystfx.com is set up with the aim to empower individual Forex traders by providing insightful contents to them. We always try to provide our readers with the most expert and most timely daily Forex analysis, Forex fundamental analysis and news-pieces; so that they can take best possible financial decisions.
The dedicated team working in the analysis departments follow the international markets closely and instantly create high quality and user friendly contents on a daily basis. The team members all have academic backgrounds in the finance or in related fields; some of them have over 10 years of experience in the field. The analysis team creates daily and weekly, text and video based, forex analysis blog and offer forecasts regarding where they believe the markets are heading. Our readers are provided with data displayed both in texts, on graphs, and in video providing them the fullest understanding of what is happening in the market place.
Analystfx is your meeting place, the crossroads where you can find not only high quality and free information but also everything you need to make the best decisions in the currency markets, anytime, 24/5. Our commitment is to create opportunities of professional growth for audience, from beginners to advance.



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